Real by Katy Evans

Awesome Cover!

Real by Katy Evans <— to stalk her click here

Self published on April 8, 2013

Date Read April 23, 2013

Rating: 2-3 stars

Synopsis via Goodreads

Soooo much potential that just wasn’t met.  Prepare for a long ride with this review.. I’m going for records this time.  I have strong feelings about this book because I really could have loved it.

To immediately get to the point the first 75% was very annoying.  I thought about not finishing the book multiple times.  The last 30% of the book was what I went into the book expecting (what the first 2% made me believe I was going to get – I seriously texted/messaged friends that I was only 2% in but I could tell this book was going to be great).. imagine my disappointment… it was somewhat redeeming, but a little too late.

This book had all the makings of a great New Adult book… hot alpha male who is a boxer, characters with troubled past and emotional problems,  sexual tension, and a fun side character friend to show up when needed; however for most of the book.. this mixture failed (in my opinion only…. from the great reviews it has gotten)

So here goes  my top 10 (THE GOOD AND THE BAD)

1.  Repetitiveness.  How many times can one clench her sex, hands, channel, vaginal walls, you name it (apparently 50+ times – I started highlighting this word or phrase about 20% due to it showing up on almost every page.  I stopped when I hit the 50s, but my estimate would be closer to 75 times throughout the book.  I mean seriously she may need to be checked out by a doctor with all the clenching she was doing… it’s just not right.  And if her sex wasn’t clenching it was gripping or rippling. There were also other weird things repeated:  my nipples hardened like diamonds (WTF),  calloused hands (the book could never just say hands), same goes for guttural voice, slick skin, eroticized (what?), and my favorite “I scented him,” “he scented me” (this particular phrase was a huge distraction and I was seriously in a fit of giggles every time I came across this phrase and it was a close second to “clenching” as far as repetition).  I’m not one to normally pay attention to this type of thing, but it was distracting.

2.  The two NEVER talked to one another AT ALL except during sex (oh baby, Remington, I own you, you’re mine) and the last 5% of the book when Remington finally was able to speak.  It was very weird.  The biggest portion of the book was Brooke’s inner monologue in which she continuously explained how hot Remy with repetitive lustful descriptions of him and how much she wanted to have sex with him.  I’m as book slutty as the next girl, but this was really too much and unnecessary and did NOT move the story forward at all.  I just wanted to yell “WE GET IT! YOU WANT TO F*** HIM! ” (Hey, me too- no need to convince me he’s f***able)  For most of the book (like 75%)  it felt like was huge COPY, PASTE, REPEAT.

3.  Their so-called love.  Sorry it’s call lust, not love.  As stated above they barely spoke.  They knew very little about one another except “Me Tarzan, you Jane” via Remy and different forms of “If you aren’t going to have sex with me I’m not going to speak to you” via Brooke.  And why would Remy not have sex with her you ask?  Because he couldn’t do that until she knew his problem, but would he just tell her his problem and put this poor girl’s spasming loins out of their misery.. the answer is no.

4.  Bipolar Disorder – the nurse in me could not accept the descriptions of this disorder,  nor could I tolerate the way his manic episodes were handled

“Pete looks at me.  “I’m sorry,” he mouths, then to Remy, “let’s put Destroyer to bed now, huh?” and he rams a syringe into his neck”

“Calm down, Brooke, we’ve got it.  Riley, you get another two of these tranquilizers.”

WTF is really my only response I can say to this.

5.  The characters.  Brooke was likeable and very funny at times when she wasn’t being so damn annoying talking about her “sex channel” over and over.  Occasionally she was all over the place.  At first she is conservative and shy and then not long after she’s protecting a professional boxer by slamming two beer bottles over two men’s heads.  Now on to Remington Tate… first, great name!  Hot, alpha, male, with a body I could almost taste – what’s not to like.  I wish this book would have been a dual POV because I really would have liked to get in his head. It also would have been a good filler opposed to Brooke’s ramblings.  If it hadn’t been for him I may have stopped reading the book, but I was very curious to learn more about this man.  Side characters (Melanie, Pete, Riley) were likeable and brought a little something to the book that I like to call… conversation.

6.  Good story line.  The idea of the book was really good.  The parts with Nora were a little convenient, but other than that I liked the whole idea of the book.  I really liked the parts where the two were sharing music.. really cute and sweet!  The writing was hit and miss.  In the first 2 chapters or so I was like great writing.. I’m not very visual (weird since I love reading, huh?), but the writing was really painting a good picture, which is pretty rare for me.. where some see characters roaming their head.. mine’s just filled black and white words… but I saw the characters in this book… but then other times it just kind of jumped around and threw in randomness (probably very similar to my reviews).

7.  The end of the book.  Somewhere around 75- 80% I started to finally feel a little connection between the two.  I noted in my kindle “this is beautiful” as I read those chapters.  The story got so much better and grabbed my attention.  I wish the whole book had been written in the same mindset as this part of the book.  It was hard to feel a connection with Brooke’s rants about the liquid heat pooling between her legs interrupted the story every 5 seconds.  This is the only part of the book when it started to feel “Real” to me.

8.  Unsexy sex.  I don’t mind smut, but let’s make it sexy at least.  For starters referencing your lady parts as “sex lips”  umm no. The following are some examples that just doesn’t do it or me.

“so hot as he scrapes his finger deep into my channel” (OUCH!)

“Seizing his hand, I squeeze it between our bodies so he can feel all of what he smeared across my abdomen.  ‘It means I’m going French this week and not showering so I can smell you on me’ ” (GROSS)

“Sticky? he asks in a gruff murmur bending his head and licking my shoulder as he pushes his semen back inside with one finger.”  (WTF)

9.  Anatomy and Human Physiology Lesson.  The descriptions of the different types of muscles, descriptions of ATP, endorphins.. blah blah blah.  This effort should have been placed elsewhere.  She’s a sports medicine specialist.. I expect her to know all the names of the muscles and how the body works.  There’s no need for her to go into detail explaining it to me.  If I want more info about the body I can just look it up.

10.  End of the book Part 2.  I’m giving the end one more number (mainly so I can fulfill my top 10, top 9 just doesn’t sound right – haha).  It really was done well.  So well that even though I wasn’t a fan of this book I want more of Remington and Brooke.  I am actually curious to read the next book (please don’t be a repeat of this book though).  I’m want to give these folks another chance.  That’s how redeeming the end of the book was.

So as a final note, go out and buy it.. just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t.. if you don’t believe me check out the other reviews.

Are you still with me?  If so here’s your treat… Tom Hardy in Warrior






Alex Pettyfer as Christian Grey?! Please NO!

You will not find me on board this train.  Just Jared is reporting that Alex Pettyfer shot a sex scene for a screen test for the amazing Christian Grey.  Many will be happy with this news, as I’m pretty sure Alex Pettyfer makes it on every book list when asked “Who Do You Think Should Play (fill in the blank) In The Movie,”  I, however, am not.  This guy just doesn’t do it for me.

A. He doesn’t look good in a suit.

B. He doesn’t have that clean-cut look, which is how I picture Christian Grey.

C. I haven’t seen him in person, but he’s kind of got a small frame and I picture Christian Grey bigger than this guy.

D. I think Christian Grey should be played by an unknown.

E.  This guys too young.  I know Christian is young in the book, but I think they need someone older or who at least looks older who has more of an authoritative air to him.


Any thoughts on this?

Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines – IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!

Twisted Perfection

By Abbi Glines

Self-Published on April 21, 2013

Date read: April 21, 2013

Rating: 4 stars!!!

Synopsis via Goodreads

First of all, I must say FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC COVER.  Her covers are always so amazing!!!

I am absolutely convinced that Abbi Glines couldn’t write a bad book if she wanted to.  I love her books, so as always I waited up for it to be live and then immediately purchased it and read it all the way through!!  I was not left disappointed.  

This book was hot, steamy, mysterious, and made my heart smile.

This book is a little different from what the author normally writes.  It is definitely darker and the word “Twisted” in the title definitely fits.   I fell in love with Woods and Della.  Woods is just as swoon worthy as all the men Abbi Glines creates.. I must admit I would like to live her life just for one day so I can see the inspiration for all these hot fellas lol.

This book takes us on a journey as two people try to figure out who they are.  Woods struggles with breaking free from being the puppet his parents created as he decides whether it’s more important to love or achieve the goals he has worked for his whole life.   And then there’s Della, she on a journey across the U.S. to find herself following a mysterious past that she’s very hesitant to let anyone know about.   When these two meet sparks fly (possibly from removing her panties so fast).  I was instantly in love with these two and couldn’t wait for their story to unfold.

I’m not sure if I should mention the word “cliffhanger” or not, because I definitely don’t want to turn anyone away from this read, but there is a definitely “to be continued” ending.  I will tell you it has nothing to do with the relationship, but the situation that occurs in the last paragraph definitely foretells a sequel, but I think it will be one in which we only watch these two grow.  This is not the type of cliffhanger that will have you tearing out your hair, so have no fear and grab a copy at Amazon by clicking the link below:

In The Stillness by Andrea Randall – MUST READ!!!


In the Stillness

By Andrea Randall


on April 9, 2013

Date read April 18, 2013

Rating 5 eye opening stars!

Synopsis via Goodreads

Could. Not. Put. Down.

This is the kind of book that changes you… whether it be how you live your life or how you view the life of someone else.

I definitely recommend this book to everyone.  I’ll admit when I read the summary I almost didn’t want to read this.. my first thought was, “ugghh, not this emo crap…”  and yes I realize I sound like an ass saying that. I accept that and if you are reading my reviews you are going to have to accept that too.

This book is raw, emotional, and brutally honest. It deals with real issues such as cutting, depression, and PTSD, and does an amazing job in my opinion.  Natalie is so flawed like many of us and I love when an author has the guts to make someone real.. not book real, but really real… all the nitty gritty included, even if it doesn’t make for the prettiest picture.

Natalie is a 29 year old married woman with two sons who is unsatisfied with her life.  She feels like she no longer knows herself.  At one time she had big dreams, but now finds herself in a loveless marriage and the stay-at-home-mother of twin 4 year old boys.  She begins to question the decisions she has made in her life, and eventually in order to heal, she has to figure out what changes she needs to make to get back on the right road.

I’m not a cutter, but I could relate to Natalie in so many ways.  I really understood her and some days her life is my life.  It’s easy to lose yourself in this world and sometimes when you fall so far the only place left to go is up.  It was inspiring to watch Natalie take back control of her life, despite the obstacles.

Many of Natalie’s issues stem from a relationship she had before her husband.  Ryker was a soldier who went to war and came back with PTSD.  I  love how the author tells the story of a returning soldier.  So many people want to ignore or overlook what happens to these people when they are no longer fighting for us.  The truth is that many who go fight for us come back a shell of the person they left…. some may eventually resemble the person they once were, but many never return to the person we knew and loved.  It’s  a sad, sad injustice.

Overall, this is an inspiring story about a woman’s journey to find the person she once was and learn to forgive herself of the wrong turns she took and learn how to heal.

Date Me (Keatyn Chronicles #2) by Jillian Dodd


Date Me (Keatyn Chronicles #3)

by Jillian Dodd

Published by Bandit Publishing

on April 9, 2012

Read April 16, 2013

Rating 4 stars

Synopsis (via Goodreads)

Oh dear Jillian Dodd, how ever do you keep up with all of these characters?!  This is my favorite of the Keatyn Chronicles so far.  This book starts off where the last one ended and continues to follow Keatyn as she struggles with growing up and adjusting to her new life without her friends and family.  As always this book is full of hot fellas (more than I can keep track of).  I might add that if a book is going to have so many hotties it seems only fair to add some pictures (hint, hint).  This book was also full of adventures, flirting, witty commentary, oh and did I mention hot sex? I couldn’t put it down (The other books in the series have been a little slow for my taste). 

My favorite things about this book:  well of course Aidan, a lot more emotion put in this one, the addition of more details of everyone else’s relationships, and the mean girl scenes.  I also like how Jillian Dodd is able to change my mind as much as Keatyn as far of which beau is my favorite lol.

The only negatives for me is that I wish the characters were a little older.. especially with all the “experimenting” they do and I wish there was like an Appendix or something in the back to help familiarize myself with the characters because for the first couple of chapters I was lost.

Overall, a fun read.  If you are a fan of the series or Jillian Dodd’s writing you will love it. 

Beware, you must read the other two before starting this book.

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