Review: Two Roads by L.M. Augustine


Two Roads

By L.M. Augustine

Self-published on August 26, 2013

Date Read: September 4, 2013

Stand Alone

Book Rating 4 stars

Thoughts on the Cover:  The cover stands out. When clicking through books in the Amazon store,  I immediately noticed it.  I like the color scheme and the background, my only problem is the cover models just don’t do it for me.  The male needs a haircut pronto and neither character really fits their description.   Cover designer: Emily Tippets   <—– CHECK OUT HER PAGE, SHE HAS TONS OF GREAT COVERS TO STARE AT!

This book is full of cheesiness and humor that will bring out the inner nerd in you.  If you have not been introduced to L.M. Augustine’s witty writing style, you are missing out!   This is L.M. Augustine’s second book and I liked it just as much as his debut novel, Click to Subscribe.   Whereas, Click to Subscribe is Young Adult, Two Roads is a New Adult novel.

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of cheesy reads, but I’ve decided that there are two types of cheesy… (1) the kind that makes you cringe and (2) the kind that makes you grin.  This is most definitely the type of cheesy that has you grinning until your cheeks hurt.   But don’t let the humor and cutesiness fool you, this book tackles some dark issues.

Our main two characters in this read are Cali and Logan.  Cali had an older brother who died and Logan was his best friend.  There is some mystery around his death and Cali expresses guilt over his untimely departure, as well as blame towards Logan.  Logan and Cali haven’t seen each other in 4 years since the death of her brother until he shows up at her college.  Cali quickly discovers that taking her anger out on Logan and pulling pranks on him helps her to work through her grief and heals her heart a little with every jab… and from that their war against one another begins.  Their prank wars, although sometimes a little too elaborate to be believable are pretty funny and entertaining.

Early on it’s obvious that behind all the nastiness and pranks there is a mutual affection.  It isn’t until the two discover they both share a secret love for poetry that they begin to really look at each other different.  I loved their relationship and it was really heart-warming to watch it grow and watch the two of them work through their issues related to Ben’s death.

I’m not one to really seek out poetry, but I will say the poetry is fantastic.  I’m a little disappointed there wasn’t more rhyming though (kidding) 🙂 .  This book is very quote worthy… and sorry I can’t share any with you at this time lol!  (I read this book on my phone instead of my kindle and although I can highlight, I can’t figure out how to bring all my highlights up, but as soon as I figure it out I will add them.)

Overall, this is a must read if you are looking for a light-hearted read with dark undertones that is laugh out loud funny.  <——— None of that really sounds like it goes together, right?  But trust me, when I say it works!




 About the Author (via Goodreads):

L.M. Augustine is a YA romance author who is obsessed with writing about dorky teenagers, love, and happy endings. He currently lives in New England, where he spends far too much time reading books and screaming at his computer, and he believes that the solution to the world’s problems can be found in chocolate cake. Click To Subscribe is his first novel, but it won’t be his last.

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Love Me by Jillian Dodd (Keatyn Chronicles #4)

Love Me
By Jillian Dodd
Published on August 11, 2013
by Bandit Publishing
Read August 19, 2013
Rating: 4 stars

This is NOT a stand alone and must be read in order if you have any intentions of understanding what is going on.

Team Brooklyn, Team Cush, Team Dawson , Team Aiden… I don’t even know what team I’m on anymore. Can there be a Team Riley?

As always, Jillian Dodd has provided a fun, adventurous read while we jump into the chaotic world that is Keatyn’s. Like the other books in this series there is lots of fashion, flirting, friends, and fellas. I’m not sure if there such a thing as swoonworthy boy overdose, but that’s what I’m feeling after this read. If you thought Keatyn was boy crazy before, she takes it to a whole other level in this book. I could barely keep up with her, but I will say Keatyn also does a lot of growing in this book.. but at times she was pretty frustrating. I’m not patient enough to wait for her to grow.. I just need her to figure it out.. like NOW… preferably with Aiden 🙂

Overall, great read. I can’t wait for the next one. I fall a little more in love with this series which each new book.

Lastly, I want to request a Companion Guide. It takes up entirely too much of my brain trying to keep track of all these different boys and all the side characters and their different flavors of the week lol.

To purchase your copy go here —–>>>

Review – Some of Tim’s Stories by S.E. Hinton

Some of Tim’s Stories

By S.E. Hinton

Published by Diversion Books

on April 30, 2013 (first published April 2007)

Read May 13, 2013

Rating 4 stars

Synopsis (via Goodreads)

SE Hinton was my first introduction to Young Adult books ..  15+ years ago.  I was anxious to see something new written by her!   As always her writing was beautiful.  I had some difficulty getting into the book at first, but as the story went on my interest definitely peaked. This book is a lot of short stories in the forms of flashbacks to tell the characters stories.  I have always been a fan of flashbacks because it gives you more of a sense of who the characters are.  I will admit that I occasionally got lost, but overall a great read!

Rock My Bed by Michelle Valentine – Review

Rock My Bed

by Michelle A. Valentine <—– click HERE to stalk her

Self-published on April 22, 2013

Read on April 30, 2013

Rating 4 Bed Rocking Stars

Synopsis via GoodReads 

“Everything always seems to fall into place for twenty-four yearold Aubrey Jenson, except for when it comes to her luck with men. Bad boys always draw her in and crush her heart, and Black Falcon’s lead guitarist, Riff, is no exception. After sharing a few wild nights together, she leaves him behind, knowing a guy like Riff isn’t the relationship type, merely just a play thing.

When she returns to New York, she tries to get the passion she felt in Riff’s arms out of her head by dating Isaac, a successful representative at Center Stage Marketing. Just when she thinks she’s forgotten Riff, she’s forced to see him again when her best friend, Lanie, ropes her into being a bridesmaid for her upcoming wedding to Black Falcon front man, Noel.

Sparks fly instantly between Aubrey and Riff when they’re forced to reunite, and suddenly she finds herself caught between the man that’s good for her and the one who completely rocks her in every way.

**New Adult Romance–Book 2 in the Black Falcon series. This book can be read without reading book one.”

“He reaches in his back pocket and pulls out a golden piece of paper from the back of his jeans and slips it into my palm. “Meet me out by our bus. Let me have just one night to fuck you senseless.”

My only question in regards to this book is… where can I get one of those tickets?

This book takes us on a wild and very naughty ride as we watch Riff and Aubrey’s story unfold. Who knew all of this was going on behind the scenes of Rock the Heart? You were holding out on us Michelle Valenine!

I really like this book better than the first one. I liked Riff in Rock the Heart so I was more than ready to get my hands on more of him.. eh hem I mean this book.

Aubrey’s a girl who knows what she wants and is not afraid to ask for it (love this about her). After getting screwed over by men continuously she decides to have one last memorable fling before settling down… Enter Riff. Riff is the guitarist for Black Falcon and is known for his extracurricular activities with women.. He even gives out one or more golden tickets every concert to women guaranteeing them sex with him after the show. When these two meet unexpected sparks fly and soon both realize that one night just isn’t going to be enough… while Aubrey struggles with the fear of giving her heart to someone who is worse than all the other men who broke it in the past, Riff is hiding a secret past that makes him feel like he doesn’t deserve someone’s love and is incapable of giving it.

This book is told in the POV of Aubrey and Riff, which I really enjoyed Riff’s POV of a huge “issue” in Rock the Heart. This book was a fun read. The characters were likeable, real, and pretty funny. I think I was grinning ear to ear almost every time they were talking, emailing, or texting. Loved them and I hope their story is just beginning!


Review – Documentary by A.J. Sand


By A.J. Sand <– to stalk click HERE

Self-Published on January 26, 2013

Read May 3, 2013

Rated: 4 reeling stars

Synopsis (via Goodreads)

  Dylan Carroll, an ambitious college student filmmaker still reeling from the death of her brother, may have just stumbled onto the opportunity of a lifetime.   Musician Kai White is in the middle of a public relations nightmare, and he may be keeping a secret that could turn things around. His manager/publicist wants to create a web series aimed at cleaning up his image. The…more Dylan Carroll, an ambitious college student filmmaker still reeling from the death of her brother, may have just stumbled onto the opportunity of a lifetime. Musician Kai White is in the middle of a public relations nightmare, and he may be keeping a secret that could turn things around. His manager/publicist wants to create a web series aimed at cleaning up his image. There’s also a promising offer at stake if Dylan can abide by the rule of staying strictly professional, and if she can figure out what Kai is hiding.  But Kai and Dylan already have an undeniable connection, and when they are together, they discover that rules are pretty easy to break. It’s battling your own demons that’s much, much harder.   As Dylan gets deeper into Kai’s world, capturing his life on film, she’ll learn that some secrets are so big, they are kept even at the expense of a career.    And that a person’s story is often nothing like it appears from the outside.   440 PAGES.”



TEAM DICK ALL THE WAY!!! (ok, so you are going to have to read the book to get that)

I have been hesitant to read this book.  I’ve been told it was great, but I’ve been putting it off.. why?  Because the name is Documentary and documentaries tend to bore me.  Fortunately, this book did just the opposite!

I will first say that the Prologue started off with a bang that immediately had me intrigued.  This book centers around a swoon worthy romance, but there is also a mystery to solve in regards to the event that occurred in the prologue.

Dylan is a film student who is trying to readjust to a new world following the death of her brother.  She was previously outgoing and into everything, but now is trying to find her place in this world as she struggles with the guilt of getting to live when her perfect brother wasn’t given the chance.  She is a very likeable female lead.  She had great friends, wasn’t too annoying although she had her moments, she didn’t start the book as a virgin (OMG, is that even allowed in YA/NA?), and she was pretty witty and sarcastic.  Overall, she was pretty typical (crazy rationalizations about guys included) girl and I found her relatable.

Kai is a former member of a boy band, I mean band that consisted of boys, turned solo artist,  Kai has everything we look for in a book boyfriend.. he’s an aggressive hot head,  a bad boy rocker (only without the tattoos) rich, and he has those hip indentations going toward his lower regions (technically called iliac furrows, but I prefer the books term “panty droppers” lol), and he’s had a tragic past that will in turn make him fiercely love only one girl should he ever meet her.  Kai’s history of fighting has left him in need of an image booster in the eyes of the public.  Kai’s publicist feels that a documentary styled web series would be perfect to show a softer side of him and repair his image.  Fortunately, Dylan’s film professor is an old friend of Kai’s publicist and she has just the student for the job.

The writing style was definitely unique and I liked it.  It was told in third person POV, yet it also had the addition of Dylan’s thoughts to add to the story.  The story moved forward a a good pace, not too fast, not too slow.  There was great chemistry with insta-lust that we were able to watch grow into love between the characters.  The duo’s friends added a lot of fun and humor to the story.  Although this book was funny, it did discuss some serious issues in a realistic manner.  And for all those who hate sappy, swoon worthy couples… no worries this story also offers plenty of sexual tension and angst to go around!

And finally, a thanks to the author for putting a warning that this is the first in a series and that she has no idea when she will release the next book.  Everyone knows that I hate a cliffhanger, but I will say although this book ends with a “to be continued” feel, the story between Kai and Dylan is told in completion (at least their story for now) and you will NOT throw your kindle against the wall when you read the last page.

To purchase your copy from Amazon click HERE