Alex Pettyfer as Christian Grey?! Please NO!

You will not find me on board this train.  Just Jared is reporting that Alex Pettyfer shot a sex scene for a screen test for the amazing Christian Grey.  Many will be happy with this news, as I’m pretty sure Alex Pettyfer makes it on every book list when asked “Who Do You Think Should Play (fill in the blank) In The Movie,”  I, however, am not.  This guy just doesn’t do it for me.

A. He doesn’t look good in a suit.

B. He doesn’t have that clean-cut look, which is how I picture Christian Grey.

C. I haven’t seen him in person, but he’s kind of got a small frame and I picture Christian Grey bigger than this guy.

D. I think Christian Grey should be played by an unknown.

E.  This guys too young.  I know Christian is young in the book, but I think they need someone older or who at least looks older who has more of an authoritative air to him.


Any thoughts on this?