Ratings/Review Policy


1 stars – I doubt I will ever give one of these.  If you wrote a book, you’ve earned a gold star in my opinion.  Kudos to you!

2 stars – WTF!   I wouldn’t waste my money.  This book was most likely boring, a complete copycat, or just plain weird.

3 stars – Readable.   It most likely was meh, an ok way to pass the time, but probably had parts that were completely unrealistic, or cheesy.

3.5s – These books are my comfort books… kind of like Hallmark movies.  I like them, but I don’t love them, but they are completely dependable and I know the author will produce something that I will enjoy for the day.

4 stars – I am in strong like with this book.  I definitely recommend this book.  If you don’t read it you are missing out

5 stars – In Love!  I most likely didn’t sleep because I was up all night finishing this book and stalking the author.  If you tell me you dislike this book we probably can’t be friends.. unless you are just awesome on your own merit. 

5+ stars – OMG my mind is blown!  See 5 star rating plus  I will most likely need a few days to get over this book.




I mainly read New Adult, Young Adult, Contemporary Romance and Dystopian novels.  I will however read any genre if the blurb interest me, except Non-fiction.. I’m pretty much a Wikipedia girl when it comes to the facts… don’t judge lol!

If you would like me to review your book, email your name, genre of the book, the title of the book and a description to me @ <a href="mailto: Indieandallbooks@outlook.com.   Please type "Book for Review”  in the subject line

Note: I despise cliffhangers unless the next book is available or you are willing to tell me what happens next.  I can’t stand to wait and have little patience lol!


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