In The Stillness by Andrea Randall – MUST READ!!!


In the Stillness

By Andrea Randall


on April 9, 2013

Date read April 18, 2013

Rating 5 eye opening stars!

Synopsis via Goodreads

Could. Not. Put. Down.

This is the kind of book that changes you… whether it be how you live your life or how you view the life of someone else.

I definitely recommend this book to everyone.  I’ll admit when I read the summary I almost didn’t want to read this.. my first thought was, “ugghh, not this emo crap…”  and yes I realize I sound like an ass saying that. I accept that and if you are reading my reviews you are going to have to accept that too.

This book is raw, emotional, and brutally honest. It deals with real issues such as cutting, depression, and PTSD, and does an amazing job in my opinion.  Natalie is so flawed like many of us and I love when an author has the guts to make someone real.. not book real, but really real… all the nitty gritty included, even if it doesn’t make for the prettiest picture.

Natalie is a 29 year old married woman with two sons who is unsatisfied with her life.  She feels like she no longer knows herself.  At one time she had big dreams, but now finds herself in a loveless marriage and the stay-at-home-mother of twin 4 year old boys.  She begins to question the decisions she has made in her life, and eventually in order to heal, she has to figure out what changes she needs to make to get back on the right road.

I’m not a cutter, but I could relate to Natalie in so many ways.  I really understood her and some days her life is my life.  It’s easy to lose yourself in this world and sometimes when you fall so far the only place left to go is up.  It was inspiring to watch Natalie take back control of her life, despite the obstacles.

Many of Natalie’s issues stem from a relationship she had before her husband.  Ryker was a soldier who went to war and came back with PTSD.  I  love how the author tells the story of a returning soldier.  So many people want to ignore or overlook what happens to these people when they are no longer fighting for us.  The truth is that many who go fight for us come back a shell of the person they left…. some may eventually resemble the person they once were, but many never return to the person we knew and loved.  It’s  a sad, sad injustice.

Overall, this is an inspiring story about a woman’s journey to find the person she once was and learn to forgive herself of the wrong turns she took and learn how to heal.


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